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League Schedules Session 3: FEB 2017

To Register for Session 2, email

Second Session League schedules to be posted here Thursday Nov 30.


Sunday League Schedule

A S2 Net Busters
A S3 Great balls of fire
B S4 Life Alert
B S5 Bumpin Balls
A S6 Team Litty
B S7 Missed Sets
A S8 Nobody Likes David
B S9 Casual Sets
A S10 Bumping Uglies


Monday League Schedule

Rebel Scum M1
Dallas from Phoenix M2
Whiskey throttle M3
Last of Alderaan M4
The Diggers M5
Good Tryers M6
Sets addicts M7
I'd Hit That M8
Four Horsemen M9
Sand Drifters


Tuesday Coed 2's

Aaron and Lindsey T1
J.R Smith T2
Justin & ? T3
Let's Play Ball T4
Matt and Ashley T6
Melkonian T7
Set it & Forget it T8
Shake and bake T9
whatever T10


Tuesday Coed Doubles Schedule

Winter Wednesday's!

Hard Bump Life W1
Safe Sets W2
Bumpin' Aces W3
Erard Painging W4
Sets off the net W5


Wednesday 6s                                      
06:30 PM Black       White     07:30 PM Black       White     12:00 AM White    
01/16/18 W1 V W4   W2 V W5 01/16/18 W3 V W1   W4 V W5 01/16/18 W2 V W3
01/23/18 W1 V W2   W3 V W4 01/23/18 W5 V W2   W1 V W4 01/23/18 W3 V W5
01/30/18 W1 V W3   W5 V W4 01/30/18 W2 V W4   W1 V W5 01/30/18 W2 V W3
02/06/18 W5 V W3   W4 V W2 02/06/18 W1 V W3   W2 V W5 02/06/18 W1 V W4
02/13/18 W1 V W5   W2 V W3 02/13/18 W4 V W3   W1 V W2 02/13/18 W5 V W4
02/20/18 W1 V W4   W2 V W5 02/20/18 W3 V W5   W4 V W2 02/20/18 W1 V W3
02/27/18 W1 V W2   W3 V W4 02/27/18 W5 V W1   W2 V W3 02/27/18 W4 V W5
03/06/18 W5 V W3   W4 V W2 03/06/18 W1 V W5   W3 V W4 03/06/18 W1 V W2
03/13/18 Tourney             03/13/18               03/13/18      

Thursday Ladder League

This will remain as a double header league and all matches will be played between 7 and 9PM.